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Identity Crisis

Who am I? It’s a question that people start asking when they are in middle school and often continues through the rest of our lives. In the Bible there is a man named Jacob. He spent most of his life in survival mode. He struggled from the time that he was born and faced challenges each step of the way. We will follow Jacob in his journey of self-discovery. When we learn to listen to the call of God and claim our abilities, we discover our identity in every new season of life.

September 30 - Identity Crisis – Genesis 25:21-34
Jacob has a lot of growing to do. He is insecure. He competes with his brother Esau for his parents love. He will lie to get what he wants. From the very beginning Jacob has an identity crisis. Jacob’s struggle can teach us a great deal about a fundamental struggle in life: the discovery of our identity.

October 7 - Dream a Little Dream – Genesis 28:10-19
We tend to want a quick fix. Some may think that a clear word from God would change us into the best person we can be. But it takes so much more than one encounter. Jacob’s dream, which felt like a radical change, was an important milestone for his journey. Today we will learn how to hear God and use our milestones to discern the critical steps ahead.

October 14 - Boundary Setting – Genesis 29:14-30
Have you ever worked for something really hard only to have someone else take it away from you? How we react to difficult people is key to discovering our own identity. Boundaries are what define us. Learning how to set boundaries and work through difficult situations will help us discover our own strength.

October 21 - John Yambasu? A New Way – Genesis 35:9-15
In order to live a fruitful life, Jacob needed to switch mindsets. He had to learn how to operate out of obedience and compassion rather than out of struggle and survival. How do we learn to live a new way when the old way just doesn’t work anymore? Come hear how Jacob put aside his own agenda and trust God with his future.