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How do I pray? How do I know God hears my prayers? What is the right thing to pray for? Prayer can feel mysterious and sometimes even fruitless. So why pray? Prayers aren’t just words that are thrown at the sky. They are conversations; in fact they may be the most important conversations of our lives. Find out just how much it matters when you pray.

Christians believe that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and completely loving. But if God already knows what we need and is in charge, why do we need to pray at all?

May 27 
Persistent Praying | Luke 18:1-7
Winston Churchill famously said, “Never give in. Never, never, never.” What if we had this attitude in our prayer life? Often we are unsure of how long we should continue offering a particular prayer; either we are not sure that God hears us or we become impatient. This week we will explore the goal of prayer and the power of persistence.

June 3
Indispensable Habit | Luke 11:1-4
According to a Barna poll the most common prayer in the world is the Lord’s Prayer. It is offered during most Christian worship services and many people recite it from memory. But what does it mean? How are we supposed to feel? It can be confusing to people who do not have a knowledge of Jesus and even those who know it by heart have a hard time understanding it. Join us this week as we discover the meaning behind the words.