Three Buildings and more than 125 years in the Herndon Community

Floris Church was established more than 125 years ago by a small group of people who wanted to share the benefits of American Methodism, with its emphasis on personal holiness, social outreach and dynamic worship. The founders of Floris met for Sunday school, followed by worship services led once a month by a Methodist preacher and other weeks by a layperson. When they built the first church facility, it was out of a desire for Christ to be at the center of their lives and the church to be at the center of our community.

Over the years Floris proved itself to be a church where people were willing to widen the circle for those who were searching for a community in which to worship and to live. The church became a center of community functions. It was a place where school graduations were held, weddings and funerals of community members took place, and cooperative ministries were shared with other congregations. Floris members over the decades have reached out to others to offer programs and ministries that bless the lives of local residents, displayed compassion to those in need, and met real needs of the community.

Floris has always been a place where people have shown a special devotion to the cause of Christ and the work of the church. The story of Floris is one of people who are willing to worship, grow and serve in community, sharing Christ and changing the world.

In the 1980s, when the Herndon community rapidly expanded with the development of what used to be dairy farms, Floris members made a difficult decision to leave behind their historic church building on the corner of Centreville and West Ox and purchase a new property just down the road. Floris moved to 2730 Centreville Road in September of 1993. Within five years it became evident that the facility and property would be too small to accommodate the growth of the church and surrounding community. Another difficult decision was made to purchase a new piece of property at 13600 Frying Pan Road, just north of the very first church.

In April of 2006 Floris built Phase I and moved into the current location. Phase II, which includes a Sanctuary that seats 800, was completed in July 2010. Despite the growth of the church and the surrounding area, Floris remains true to the ideals of the original visionaries.

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