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10 things to know about asian americans

UMC Resources

Check out the United Methodist Church’s General Commission on Race and Religion’s (GCORR) resources on Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Read Bishop Sharma’s (UMC Virginia Conference) statement on Asian Racial Violence.

More Ways to Learn and Celebrate 

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bystander intervention training for anti-asian hate

Be an Active Bystander

Watch for and intervene in cases of harassment. Sign up for free bystander intervention training during the month of May.

  • Pledge to stand up to all forms of hate, racism, bigotry and bullying.
  • Recognize racism against Asian Americans might not be easy to see.
  • Don’t dilute language when talking about hate crimes and racism, but be accurate.
  • Recognize that the fight against anti-Asian racism needs to be inclusive–there are many subgroups within the AAPI umbrella.
  • If someone uses the phrase, “China virus,” arm yourself with an argument against it.
  • Champion legislation (e.g. S.Res.140S.963 and H.R.1340) to protect Asian persons and immigrants in your community.
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Read and sign this statement on Anti-Asian racism in the time of COVID-19. Let us stand with our Asian brothers and sisters as well. Read first-hand Asian-American’s stories of their experiences with racism and violence.

Let your friends and neighbors know what Floris UMC is seeking to do with regard to racial reconciliation. Celebrate Rev. Tom Berlin’s desire to elevate and learn from Asian American congregants how to best support them.

Share this newsletter and Floris UMC’s Social Justice resources with your friends and family through email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Stop AAPI Hate

Share this newsletter with family, friends and neighbors. We invite everyone to join in this work for racial reconciliation. Our vision is to transform ourselves, our church and our community through education, advocacy and action.

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