We started Bread Breakers because
We believe that human connections are the antidotes to the division, strife, and mistrust we all experience in our society every day. By breaking bread with those who are different than us – by looking beyond our disagreements and seeing the whole person sitting across the table – we can start to restore the bonds of trust in our communities, our friendships, and our families.


What does participating in Bread Breakers entail?
Participants meet for a series of dinners (often three) to share stories, learn about one another, and connect beyond the surface-level. Each dinner group consists of 8-or-so people from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems. Our purpose is not to debate or convince, but to learn and understand.


When will the dinners be?
We are aiming to begin in late summer. From there, we will continue starting new dinner groups on a rolling basis.


Since Bread Breakers is a program by Restoration Church Reston, are dinners religious?
BreadBreakers is driven and informed by our faith and beliefs – for example, our belief that all are created in God’s image – but we do not run dinners as religious-focused events. We want to create spaces where those of all different beliefs, including on religion, can learn about one another and build mutual understanding.

Let’s Break Bread Together!

Are you tired of the deep divisions in our society? Would you like to better understand those with different backgrounds and beliefs? What if you could do that while eating good food and having fun?

We invite you to participate in Bread Breakers, where people share dinner and conversation with one goal: to see and understand others. No debating. No convincing. Just an evening together in our shared humanity.

Create lasting relationships with other church friends. The conversation is intriguing. the food is delicious and the fellowship is outstanding! Attend a dinner, share stories, listen, and connect.

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For more information, contact Daniel Park at dpark@restorationreston.org.

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