What is Discipleship?

Quite simply, it is the process of enabling a person to trust and to follow Jesus Christ. We believe that discipleship at Restoration is not a line from start to finish where one finally arrives and is then finished. Rather, we believe discipleship is a lifelong journey of growth, comfort, and challenge where each day we are becoming more and more, people who are growing in our trusting and our following of Christ.

At Restoration, we liken it to a tent with four poles with each pole holding up a vital part of what it means to be a disciple. The hope for us is that if each person is living under the shadow of this tent, connecting with at least one of these poles, then the process of discipleship is happening. We are becoming more and more people learning to trust and to follow Jesus Christ.

At the 101 Pole, we are learning to grow in our knowledge of God and what it means to be gospel-centered Christian. This pole includes introductory classes (e.g. “Alpha Course”, “Restoration 101”) and future topical, theological and biblical classes. It is also the home for books, resources and information about what it means to grow in faith as a Christian in today’s world.

Learn more about this by contacting Mary-Ann Kral at maryannkral@gmail.com.

The Life Groups Pole is the hub of the life group ministry at Restoration where you can connect with other members of the church. Groups are varied based on theme and/or length and duration. Each group meets regularly (weekly, biweekly or monthly) to gather and discuss both real life and practical faith.

Learn more about Life Groups.

At the Serve Pole, we are moving to activate our faith through opportunities to serve inside the doors of the church through various volunteering roles and to serve outside the doors of the church through work in the community and mission outreaches abroad.

Learn more about Serve or by contacting Kathy Bowes or Megan Groves.

At the One-to-Two Pole, we are moving toward intentional relational discipleship where one person will commit to discipling two people intentionally for the course of one year.

Learn more about this by contacting Matt Na at mna@restorationreston.org.