Prayers for 2022

As we begin a new year, we will focus on prayers of hope for 2022. We all have hopes and dreams for the new year and put them to prayer. We will have a daily devotional that highlights a particular area of life in which you can come before God in prayer. Let’s dedicate our lives to God this year. With all of the uncertainties, let’s exercise our hope in Christ through daily prayer during the first week of 2022.

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January 3  |  Church 

The church is the body of Christ, the principal means through which God displays goodness to the world through worship, discipleship, acts of service and mission and a bold invitation to all people to know Christ and his inexhaustible love. What are your hopes and dreams for Restoration Church in 2022? In what way do you want to see the Holy Spirit fulfill a God-sized dream for making Christ known?

January 4  |  Family & Friends 

God has given us core formational connections in our lives through family and friends. Through these core relationships, we form our beliefs, our worldview, and how we live. What are your hopes and dreams for your family and friends in 2022? In what ways do you want to see you and your loved ones live into God’s purpose for loving God and neighbor?

January 5  |  Work 

Work is a daily part of our lives ,whether we do it as a job/career, build a home life, volunteer for a non-profit or missional cause, or do day-to-day tasks to maintain and improve our lives. What are your hopes and dreams for the work that you do? What fruit would you like to see from your endeavors related to work? In what ways will your work advance the love of God and the justice of God?

January 6  |  Finances 

Money is the primary vehicle through which we make transactions that affect our capacity to access goods and services. Money has a role in every part of our lives. As money is an integral part of every area of our lives, it matters that we think of finances from the lens of God’s desire for us. What are your hopes and dreams financially for 2022? How much will you give to the cause of the church and share the goodness of God? How much will you save? How much will you spend? How will all three of these areas of your finances reflect Christ?

January 7  |  Community 

We live, work and play in communities. We are social beings. Our experience of life involves people, places and purpose. Very few people live without a community. The way we see and engage our communities matters. What are your hopes for the communities in which you participate? How would you like to see the movement of God make a difference in those communities? How would you like to see God work through you in your communities?

January 8  |  Mission 

God has put us on a mission to share the message of Jesus Christ, to connect people to the church, and to serve others with compassion, grace, and love. What are your hopes and dreams for the missional work to which God has called you? How will you get involved in changing the world with the good news of Jesus Christ? What will you do to share the love of God? How will you act compassionately in 2022? What missional acts do you feel God calling you to this year?