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It’s tough these days… Life can be hard. It’s even more difficult when you feel alone and unsupported.

And these days, it’s tough to find a community where you can belong.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Our Members Say it Best

“This is how the church changed my life. I just moved to Reston and Neighborhood Gatherings outsidewas looking for a place where everyone knows my name. This is a really great testimonial that belongs high up on the home page because it says such good things about the church and the community of people. It sounds authentic and compelling.”

— Jane Smith, Restoration Member

You Belong Here

Belong to Community

We know you want to belong to a caring community. An authentic group of people who know and care about you.

Everyone needs a safe place where they can be themselves. A place where they can live out their personal faith journey.

We can help.

Find a Purpose

Are you wondering what it all means? Are you looking for a higher purpose in your life?

We are living in a changing world.

Let’s grow into a relationship with God together.

God's plan
Clasped hands

Make a Difference

We know you want to make a difference in your community. So do we.

But finding wholeness and fulfillment is not easy. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on our community, both locally and globally.

It’s easy if we do it together.

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“Deeply moving and inviting quote from Tim about his church, community and choice of holiday wear.”  – Tim Ward, Pastor

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Up to 19% of Reston/Herndon Students are Food Insecure

For six years, Restoration Church has made an impact on the Reston community. We have engaged hundreds of volunteers to prepare thousands of meals for kids, provide housing for several families, run summer camps, provide thousands of pounds of food, care for teen parents, and much more.

[sacredia_text_heading title=”Not Just Another Church”]
You will discover an environment that is accepting of all people.
You will be welcome as your authentic self. We don’t want you to feel the need to be “fake” or as if you have everything figured out.
You will grow and evolve as you become more Christ-like in your life.
You will find opportunities to serve others, both inside and outside of our church. We want to share the love of Jesus at home and abroad.
You will enjoy your experience of growing with God. We want to help you find joy in your journey.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our members are saying…

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[sacredia_single_testimonial testimonials=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22This%20Church%20Changed%20My%20Life%22%2C%22testimonial_content%22%3A%22This%20is%20how%20the%20church%20changed%20my%20life.%20Lorem%20ipsum%20dolor%20sit%20amet%2C%20consectetur%20adipiscing%20elit.%20Ut%20elit%20tellus%2C%20luctus%20nec%20ullamcorper%20mattis%2C%20pulvinar%20dapibus%20leo.%5Cn-%20Jane%20Smith%2C%20Reston%22%7D%5D”]
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