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Watch the video to give using your phone!

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Thank you so much for prioritizing Restoration Church in your generous giving. Your consistency provides stability, strength and support to Restoration Church’s ministry. Lives are being changed because of you!

Online Giving

Online giving is now easier, faster and more secure than ever. Many of us don’t carry cash or a checkbook, but we always have our smartphones. You can donate online in less than a minute. The first time you give, you can set up your secure account. After that, you will be all set. Have questions? Read our FAQs.

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Christmas Eve Giving: $395,958

Floris UMC will continue our annual tradition of giving it all away! All funds go to ministries and partner organizations that transform lives. Over the years we have given away more than $3 million because of your generosity.

Throughout 2020, Floris UMC/Restoration have supported our neighbors and communities across the globe through our partner organizations and their efforts to help families affected by COVID-19. This year’s recipients are Cornerstones, Helping Children Worldwide, Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter and Community and World Impact Fund.

Christmas Eve Giving - Every Year We Give It All Away

We worked with Cornerstones this year to direct families in need of rental assistance to their CARES Act Relief Programs to prevent evictions. We partnered with Helping Children Worldwide to give 100 families much needed food and resources after markets closed because of COVID-19. We joined Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter to help vulnerable families find resources for safe housing and other services to stay safe during tumultuous times. All donated funds will be sent to our ministry partners to help further the work that God is doing to transform lives and build better futures for families, individuals and communities across the globe.

Christmas Eve Giving is our church’s gift to others so that they can rediscover joy, peace, hope and love this season. Every cent of your generosity enables our church and organizations in our community and world to do life-transforming work.

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Your general fund estimates of giving are a critical part of how we make a difference in our church, our community and our world. You may change your commitment at any time by notifying the finance office.

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Restoration’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Since Restoration started more than three years ago, we have seen radical transformation in the lives of people in our community. Many of our leaders have been asking, what’s next for Restoration? At our three year birthday celebration, Tim Ward asked “what are your dreams for Restoration?”

We believe that now is the time to take bold steps to reach new people in our community. After reading lots of your dreams and having conversations about the future, there are a few initiatives we have come up with on which we want to hear from you. To bring these initiatives to life, we are launching a 2018 Dream Capital Campaign.

Begin your journey to dream what God will do through us. Complete a Commitment Card to contribute to the campaign.

FOREST EDGE CLASSROOM LIBRARIES ($30,000): After talking with the principal at Forest Edge Elementary School, we learned that they need classroom libraries. Reading is one of those abilities that can transform a child’s life. The principal asked for, in addition to our mentoring, as many sets of classroom libraries as possible.

UPDATE ($50,000): Restoration purchased six full classroom libraries with a plan to buy six more for teachers. This has a significant impact on student’s learning.

Dream Campaign Forest Edge ES

RESTON AFTER SCHOOL PROJECT ($20,000): In conjunction with Fairfax County Public Schools, Cornerstones has launched the RestOn project. ON (Opportunity Neighborhood) has a goal of transforming child and family poverty in Reston. They asked us to launch an after-school program for the kindergarten and grade 1 kids of the Cedar Ridge Community. The program would provide volunteer opportunities and connections as well.

UPDATE ($35,000): The after-school project has started online with students in grades 1 and 2. We plan to expand to in-person when students are back in school.

Books on a laptop keyboard

EVANGELISM AND OUTREACH ($30,000): We believe that we are called to reach out into our community. While we have connected with areas in North Reston, we have been asked, “what about South Reston,” and more specifically, South Lakes High School. Dream Campaign funds will help us connect with the South Reston community and South Lakes High School.

UPDATE ($40,000): This is the next project on the list for Restoration. The focus will be on the South Lakes High School community in the fall of 2021.

Kids hanging out

LOUDOUN COUNTY CAMPUS ($30,000): Restoration was launched through the generous gifts of the people of our Herndon campus – Floris United Methodist Church. Floris UMC has an opportunity to partner with the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to plant a third campus in Loudoun County, a fast-growing community where many Floris UMC members live. The new campus, Restoration Loudoun, will be located along the Rt. 50 corridor.

UPDATE ($40,000): The Loudoun campus was launched in 2019. Currently, they worship online each week and reach out to the community around them.

Arial view of Loudoun County neighborhood

COMMUNICATIONS/MARKETING CAMPAIGN ($20,000): We want everyone in the community to know about Restoration. After three years, it is time to do a major marketing campaign, including advertisements in magazines, on the metro, direct marketing, etc. We want more people to know about this community.

UPDATE ($40,000): Restoration hired a church consulting company, Church CMO, to create a digital marketing strategy. They are focused on social media, website and in-person engagement.

Kids outside of a festival booth

A NEW TRUCK ($30,000): Each week, everything that we use at Restoration is brought to Forest Edge Elementary School. We received a generous donation of a vehicle when we started and did not invest any capital into the truck. At this point, our truck is at the end of its life. We can no longer continue to invest funds into repairing it. We need to buy a new solution.

UPDATE ($40,000): Restoration purchased and completely redesigned a new box truck in 2019. This included all new road cases and a new, safer vehicle. When meeting in-person, the truck will allow us to work in a safer, more efficient way.


PROJECTION SYSTEM ($12,000): You may have noticed videos are very difficult to see on our projector. In addition, our projector’s reliability is declining. We are using a donated projector that’s more than 12 years old. A new projector would help us to continue to provide worship that is more relevant and diverse.

UPDATE ($15,000): Restoration procured a new projector and screen in 2019.  This has made a tremendous impact on in-person worship. The new projector and screen allow for clearer visuals, especially video.


ENVIRONMENTAL UPGRADES ($8,000): We are so grateful to worship at Forest Edge Elementary School each week. We have done many things to beautify the space where we worship. It is time for new signage and more creative designs for the space. The first things our guests experience when they come to worship are KidsLife and KidsCare. We want to make our KidsCare area more kid-friendly as well as our worship and welcome areas more beautiful as you walk in.

UPDATE ($15,000): In 2019, Restoration installed new signage and redesigned the KidsCare and KidsLife areas. We created indoor signage to set a tone for a fresher, more welcoming space.

New signs for Restoration

LIVE STREAM SYSTEM ($25,000): Many of you have shared that having the entire worship video produced or live streamed would be helpful. For some of you, this is because you travel. More often than not, we hear how you would like to share Restoration in a safe way with your friends in the community. A video camera and streaming tools would allow us to share Restoration with the community in an easier way.

UPDATE ($30,000): In 2019, Restoration purchased a new set of cameras and streaming equipment. While this was helpful in 2019, it was vital for online worship in 2020.

Camera live stream equipment
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Mailing address
1612 Washington Plaza N, Reston, VA 20190