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I Quit Assuming

Scripture: Matthew 9:9-13, You know what happens when you assume. Everyday we make assumptions about different people and their intentions. Jesus took people’s assumptions, dispelled them and turned them into lessons that changed the world. Join...


The Lions' Den

Scripture: Daniel 6:16-23, Often our actions have a big impact on others. The strength of Daniel's faith in the midst of difficult times affected those around him. This week we will remember that what we do is often more important than what we say.


The Handwriting on the Wall

Scripture: Daniel 5:1-12, Have you ever gone through a challenge in which the outcome seems obvious? Sometimes God is crystal clear and it's up to us to respond to God's words. This Sunday we will look at a challenging scripture about hearing the...


Just Say No

Scripture: Daniel 3:13-18, "No" is one of the first words infants learn to say. It is also one of the most difficult words for adults to say to one another. Join us this week as Daniel decides what to say when everyone around him is willing to...


Speaking the Truth

Scripture: Daniel 2:25-30, Being different can be hard, but sometimes it's the better choice. Join us as we begin our new sermon series, "Different." During this series we will follow Daniel and the difficult choices he had to make. Through it...


Glamour Shots

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-2


Widen Your View

Scripture: Matthew 5:43-48, The problem with the selfie is we don't see the bigger picture; we become exclusive in our worldview. Often it's helpful to switch to the panoramic view in which we can see everything around us. Join us as we talk...


The Photo Flip

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24, The photo flip is that little button on your phone that switches the focus from you to the world. Often we find that pushing that button is not as easy as it sounds. Come hear some essential steps Jesus taught his...

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