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The Selfie

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34, Why does our society take over a million selfies a day? We worry about how we look, wonder how others perceive us and get caught up in focusing on ourselves. What if we chose to listen to Jesus and focus on God...


Celebrate Freedom

Scripture: John 10:7-15, Celebrate those who have made the decision to become a United States citizen.


The Story of Others

Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-4, So much of sharing our faith is about sharing facts, but we can learn a lot about sharing our faith from listening to others. The greatest way to share faith with others is to help them see where Christ is already alive...


My Story

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-12, Have you ever had someone ask you about your story? Those times when we have to introduce ourselves in a job interview and tell something about ourselves is often painful. What do we say? Knowing your story makes all...


God's Story

Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-4, Knowing God's story is an important part of knowing our own story. You may have heard different stories about God throughout the Bible, but we don't often hear the whole story. It's difficult for us to understand or talk...



Scripture: Joshua 1:10-18, Fear can be paralyzing. When times get hard, we often want to give up. Some people actually do. Come hear how two words that Joshua heard from Moses enabled the people of Israel to take important steps into their...


Living the Uncontrollable

Scripture: Joshua 1:1-9, Our world is in turmoil. Watching the news can leave us feeling fearful, void of control and even paralyzed. Christ came so that we might live abundantly, but in our current world climate that seems difficult for many of...



Scripture: Joshua 2:8-16, Sharing your real life with others takes a lot of courage. It leaves you vulnerable and can affect how others think and feel about you. What if vulnerability within your community is the only way to move past some of...

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