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Restoration Turns One

Restoration is turning one year old! In the last year, Restoration provided more than 2,000 weekend meals for Forest Edge Elementary School students, helped a family move from homelessness to a new home, cleaned up Becontree Rd. and North Shore...


Unexpected Gifts

Scripture: Matthew 2:1, The Magi brought gifts to Jesus. No one even knew that they were coming. Yet the birth of Jesus was so powerful to them that it changed their entire trajectory of life. They put themselves in harm's way to bring a gift to...


Christmas Eve Service

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12., This family-friendly service is the perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Listen and share with us a Christmas celebration.


Unexpected News

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38, Sometimes the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages. A serendipitous moment, a letter of encouragement or a message that seems divinely directed can change the course of our day or the course of our life. The weeks...


Unexpected Events

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25, We will dive deeply into the story of Joseph. How did Joseph's life change the day he received the news that he would become the earthly father to the Messiah? How does Joseph's news change your life? Join us to find out.


Unexpected Joy

Scripture: Luke 1:39-45, Have you ever noticed that not everyone enjoys the weeks before Christmas? Others, however, have learned the secret that makes the season a celebration to be enjoyed rather than a burden to be endured. In the Bible...


Unexpected Future

Scripture: Isaiah 40:9-11, There is a lot of waiting and wondering in the weeks before Christmas. As we wait and prepare for the big day, we wonder if it will be a special celebration. Will Christmas make any difference this year? Will our family...


Sing Like Never Before

Scripture: Psalm 146, There are many ways that we praise God. Songs are such an important part of our culture and our history today. They are also an important part of our praise. Why do we praise God with song? Come find out the importance of...