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Thirsty for Something New

Messing up your life can leave you lonely and isolated. The woman at the well carried a lot of relational baggage everywhere she went. Jesus enabled her to see a new way to do life. For the first time, she began afresh rather than being held...
John 4:1-26




The Tension of Surprise

Scripture: Luke 1:39-56, Surprises are fun, right? Not for everyone and not all the time. There is often tension in the way we feel about surprises. Join us this Sunday as we talk about the tension created about the baby that was born on Christmas.


Taken by Surprise

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-22 , It is hard to believe that ending will be good when the story is going poorly. The Bible is full of surprise endings. Come hear what is necessary for God to bring hope to our lives as well.


Caught by Surprise

Scripture: Micah 5:1-5a , We are not surprised by predictions of trouble in the world. It is easy to complain and worry about the future. Advent begins with a message that catches us by surprise: hope is on the way.



Gratitude makes all the difference. Come hear how you can have more of it in your life. I will make a list of gratitude this week. I will tell one person, outside my usual circle, why I am grateful for my faith. I will pray for the courage to...



Scripture: Malachi 3:5-10, Come hear about a prophet who has a protest and a promise. God is working to give us a generous life. We will hear about the pests that get in the way and the doors that open when we embrace it.

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