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God Speaks and Jonah Pouts

Scripture: Jonah 3-4, Jonah finally does what God wants him to do. He goes to the Ninevites, hoping for a display of justice, but finds a surprise instead. Jonah is irritated to discover that God does not fulfill his expectations. How do we...


From the Belly of a Fish

Scripture: Jonah 2, It's only when Jonah finds himself in the belly of a large fish that he cries out to God. He only got there because God could not stomach his disobedience. Join us as we look at our own places of waywardness and distress and...


Called to Ninevah

Scripture: Jonah 1:1-16, Jonah was called by God to do something he really did not want to do. He had been faithful to God up to this point, but now chose to run. What if the place that you most need to be is the place you least want to go? Find...