School Supplies for Forest Edge Elementary School

School Supplies for Forest Edge Elementary School

July 29, 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Every Sunday, from 07/29/2018 to 08/20/2018

Location: Restoration Church, 1501 Becontree Lane, Reston, VA US 20190

Contact: Linda Ravencraft | e

You know that massive school-supply list you get every year? Now, imagine what it is like for a family who can’t afford everything on it. That simple, and often long list, can become overwhelming. You can help make a big difference in another kid’s life – with pencils and notebooks! Beginning July 29-August 19, we will be collecting school supplies for students at Forest Edge Elementary. 



The list of supplies needed includes the following:

Plastic 2 pocket folders, assorted colors

Sticky notes 3" x 3"

Clorox disinfecting wipes 35ct

#2 Dixon HB pencils latex free 12ct box

2-ply box tissues 125ct

Composition notebooks (at least 4 per student)

Glue sticks

24 packs of regular crayons

Children's scissors



And don't forget the teachers!  



Here are a few things they need:

Post-it notes of any size

Post-it large chart paper 

Dry erasers and markers


and anything else you think might be useful!


Bring your supplies to worship with you then drop them into the collection box next to the Welcome table. 

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