Who We Are

Thanks for taking some time to learn more about Restoration Church. You might be asking, what’s so different about this church? Why do we need another church? At Restoration, we believe we’re not just another church.

We are a church that strives to connect with people who don’t currently go to church or don’t feel connected to a community. We meet in a high school auditorium to be accessible to all people. At Restoration, we strive to be a church where all people believe they can come as they are, find community, build strong relationships and grow in their faith.

We believe deeply in Jesus Christ and the joy of living a Christian life. Jesus is at the center of who we are. Many people understand Jesus to be judgmental or divisive. When we read the Bible we see Jesus as inclusive, welcoming and in connection with all people. Jesus met people where they were. We want to be like Jesus – reaching people where they are. The name “Restoration” comes from a belief that we are all deeply loved by God, and through God, we can experience hope and renewal. All of us are on a journey and God wants to connect with us along the way.

Take some time to check out our site and find out more about us. We’d love to get to know you, so please come and introduce yourself.