Luke: Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcasts, and Outlaws

by Adam Hamilton

This series explores the life of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke. Through Luke’s stories, we find Jesus’ care and compassion for all as he welcomes those we would least expect. As we study Luke and see Jesus’ concern for those who were considered unimportant, we hear a hopeful and inspiring word for our lives today.

February 26 | Who Is Included? | Luke 1:46-55
God values all people, even those some might consider lowly. How might we, as God’s people, join God in honoring and caring for those others overlook? Learning to live into justice and mercy is the work of Lent.

March 5 | Jesus Lifts Up Women | Luke 7:36-48
Jesus acknowledged and valued women throughout his entire ministry. The Hebrew Bible and New Testament have stories of strong women, and compassionate leaders. How does this teach us about Jesus’ value of inclusion for all people?

March 12 | Jesus on the Fringes | Luke 16:19-31
Jesus often taught people by telling stories called parables. Today we explore two parables unique to Luke that show us how Jesus came to lift up the lowly.

March 19 | Jesus With the Sick | Luke 5:12-16
In the final weeks of Jesus’ life, he journeyed toward Jerusalem. Each story along the way highlights the urgency of Jesus’ mission, lifting up the lowly. Find out how we can learn from Jesus.

March 26 | Jesus to the Unlikely People | Luke 19:1-10 (NRSV), Luke 20:20-25
This Sunday, we will look at the last week of Jesus’ life. How do his actions help us understand what it means to welcome the outsider and live from a place of curiosity rather than judgment?

April 2 (Palm Sunday) | Jesus and the Vulnerable | Luke 23:32-43
Jesus is hung on a cross to die between two outlaws. Yet even in death, Jesus continued to seek the lost and vulnerable. How can we learn to love and trust God amid hardship?