Wandering Heart

If you have ever felt like you had to be perfect to follow Jesus, join us to explore Peter’s story.

Like many of us, Peter, a disciple, had a wandering heart. His journey was far from polished, linear, or perfect. But he was always tethered to the love of God.

This Lent, let’s join Peter in discovering how to be faithful disciples of Christ. Let’s dare to be transformed by our relationship with Jesus.

Weekly Sermons

February 18 | Jesus Sought Me | Luke 5:1-11Psalm 25:1-10
Peter’s faith story began after a night of unsuccessful fishing. What is the beginning of your faith story? Maybe you felt sought out by God or even pursued. Maybe you wonder if this story is for you. Wherever you are, join us in exploring how Jesus wants to know our hearts.

February 25 | Rescue Me from Danger | Matthew 14:22-33, Psalm 22:23-31
As a new disciple, Peter wants to prove himself. But when he does, he gets thrown off balance. Many of us know that feeling, like we are sinking. Maybe this stems from doubt, unexpected change, busy seasons of life, devastating grief, or distance from God. This week, we empathize with Peter’s desperation as he cries out to God.

March 3 | Praise the Mount | Matthew 16:13-20Psalm 19
Explore Peter’s mountaintop experience of claiming faith. If you had to speak your faith in one sentence or phrase, what would it be? If you dare to say, “This, I believe…” then that conviction has a ripple effect on others.

March 10 | I’m Fixed Upon It | Matthew 16:21-23Psalm 107:1-3
You may stick to what you know when your world unravels and your beliefs are tested. Peter is set on how he thinks a situation should go; he resists the pain of what will come. But Jesus is set on his calling and calls Peter out. In our faith, we may want to take the less painful path. We may cling to easy answers. What does it look like instead of welcoming complexity?

March 17 | Here’s My Heart | John 21:12-17Psalm 119:9-16
We come full circle with Peter. We are back to where he began his Jesus story. Jesus once again meets Peter at the shoreline and offers abundant nourishment. It seems like Jesus says, here’s my heart. And we realize that no matter how far we wander, we may entrust our hearts to God. No matter how strong or weak our faith is, we can give our love.

March 24 | Songs of Loudest Praise |  John 12:1-19 (Palm Sunday)
As Holy Week begins, Peter is no longer front and center. So, we imagine Peter is with the rest of the disciples when Jesus enters Jerusalem. The disciples are confused when they witness the crowd shouting hosannas. As we imagine ourselves gathered that day, remember that they are supposed to praise Caesar, but instead, they shout for Jesus. Their songs are subversive, courageous, and contagious.

March 28 | Steams of Mercy | John 13:1-20 (Holy Thursday)
During the Last Supper, Jesus kneels to wash his disciples’ feet. When he comes to Peter, we see a familiar pattern unfold: reluctance then exuberance. We often see duality in Peter, but do you also see this pattern in yourself? In this story, we imagine that God’s grace reshapes Peter in the same way that water softens the rough edges of the stone. When we, like Peter, are reluctant and resistant to receiving love, remember that streams of mercy are never ceasing.

March 31 | And I Hope | Luke 24:1-12 (Easter)
After denying Christ, we might expect Peter to cower in shame. Or run away in an attempt to leave his past behind him. Instead, when Peter hears the news from the women, he does not dismiss it. Even after a significant failure or worst-case scenario has occurred, how can we run toward hope?

April 7 | Teach Me | John 21:1-14
Peter’s polorized thinking means he either resists Jesus or draws closer to him in earnest. This week , discover a version of Peter who is hungry to learn. He looks for a straightforward answers, but Jesus offers an unpredictable answer. Do you wish for straightforward answers? Explore what Jesus has to say. 

Previous Sermon Series

Show Me Jesus

You might think of Jesus as just a mild-mannered teacher. But he was so much more! Jesus was a bold, passionate, loving man who longed for the world to embrace all people and know they were beloved. This series will challenge us to encounter the authentic Jesus and inspire us to share him with others.

Weekly Sermons

January 7 | Jesus is: Enduring | John 1:26-34
In a world of constant change and uncertainty, Jesus’ teachings remain a steadfast source of guidance and peace. His guidance offers enduring truths that resonate in our lives. Explore the lasting message of hope and inspiration that Jesus provides us throughout the ages. Our baptismal liturgy includes, We are incorporated into God’s mighty acts of salvation. This ritual reminds us that Jesus was beloved by God and we are, too. Forever. In the baptism of Jesus, we see how beloved Jesus is. And we are reminded of the enduring nature of God’s love.

January 14 | Jesus is: Revolutionary John 2:1-11 
Discover the revolutionary teachings and life of Jesus Christ. In a world marked by uncertainty, division, and turmoil, Jesus challenges us. He dares us to live in the light of his hope as a model of love and a blueprint for transformation.

January 21 | Jesus is: Bold | John 2:13-25
Explore the bold and unwavering nature of Jesus Christ. In a world that often demands courage and conviction, we draw inspiration from the boldness displayed by Jesus during his ministry. His fearlessness, compassion, and commitment to his mission are powerful examples. We will explore his unwavering commitment to the message of love, justice, and redemption. And discover how Jesus’ boldness can help us be bold.

January 28 | Jesus is: Inclusive John 4:4-14
Celebrate the inclusive nature of Jesus Christ. In a world marked by division, exclusion, and prejudice, Jesus is a powerful example of radical inclusion and love. His message transcends boundaries, welcoming all into God’s boundless love. During this sermon, we will explore the inclusive teachings and actions of Jesus. And challenge ourselves to see how we encounter Jesus in all people.

February 4 | Jesus is: Powerful | John 14:25-27 | Communion
Explore the unmatched power of Jesus Christ. In a world filled with uncertainties, we find strength in the truth that Jesus is a powerful and sovereign force. He can transform lives and bring hope to the most challenging situations. Experience the life-changing implications of Jesus’ power in our lives and the world. And discover how the Holy Spirit still empowers us today.

February 11 | Jesus is: Alive | John 15:1-11
Claim the joy of celebrating that Jesus is alive and what it might mean for us to live into that reality. Explore how his inherent presence shapes our character, actions, and relationships. Discover how Jesus leads us to a life filled with purpose and spiritual abundance.