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Estimate of Giving

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Christmas Eve Giving 2021

Every Year We Give It All Away!

Floris UMC/Restoration continues its annual tradition of blessing those in our community and world through Christmas Eve Giving. All funds will go to ministries and partner organizations that transform lives. Over the years, your generosity has allowed us to give away more than $3.7 million.    Learn More

Live Into the Dream

Restoration Dream what God will do through us

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And, since starting in 2015, Restoration has seen a radical change in the lives of people in our community. But, many of our leaders asked, “what’s next?”

We wanted to take bold steps to reach new people in our community. After hearing your dreams about the future, we came up with some initiatives. We brought these programs to life by launching the 2018 Dream Capital Campaign.

See our journey to dream what God will do through us.

Forest Edge Classroom Libraries

UPDATE ($50,000)
Restoration bought six classroom libraries to support Forest Edge Elementary School.

ORIGINAL ($30,000)
The students and teachers at Forest Edge Elementary School needed books. They know that reading has the potential to transform a child’s life. We hope new classroom libraries will help improve the lives of these students.

Reston After School Project

UPDATE ($35,000)
Restoration started an online after-school program with students in grades 1 and 2.

ORIGINAL ($20,000)
Together with Fairfax County Public Schools, Cornerstones launched the RestOn project. The goal of ON (Opportunity Neighborhood) is to change child and family poverty in Reston. They requested an after-school program for young students in the Cedar Ridge Community.

Evangelism and Outreach

UPDATE ($40,000)
Restoration plans to focus on the South Lakes High School community in the fall of 2021.

ORIGINAL ($30,000)
We believe that we are called to reach out to our community. We have connected with areas in North Reston but have yet to make an impact in South Reston. The Dream Campaign will help us support South Reston and the South Lakes High School community.

Loudoun County Campus

UPDATE ($40,000)
In 2019, the Restoration Loudoun campus was launched.

ORIGINAL ($30,000)
With the generosity of the Herndon campus, Floris UMC, a second campus, Restoration, was launched. Floris UMC will plant a third campus in Loudoun County. The new campus, Restoration Loudoun, will be part of a fast-growing community where many Floris UMC members live.

Marketing Campaign

UPDATE ($40,000)
Restoration hired a consulting company, Church CMO, to create a digital marketing strategy.

ORIGINAL ($20,000)
A marketing campaign would let everyone in the community know about Restoration. We will focus on social media, website and in-person engagement.


UPDATE ($40,000)
In 2019, Restoration purchased and redesigned a new box truck, allowing for more safety and efficiency.

ORIGINAL ($30,000)
Each week, we bring everything that we use at Restoration to Forest Edge Elementary School. When we started Restoration, we received a generous vehicle donation. But now, our truck is at the end of its life and we need a new solution.

Projection System

UPDATE ($15,000)
In 2019, Restoration bought a new projector and screen, making a big impact on in-person worship.

ORIGINAL ($12,000)
Videos are difficult to see on our projector, whose reliability is declining. We are using a donated projector that’s more than 12 years old. A new projector would help us provide more relevant and diverse worship.

Environmental Upgrades

UPDATE ($15,000)
In 2019, Restoration installed new signage and redesigned the children’s areas.

ORIGINAL ($8,000)
We are so grateful to worship at Forest Edge Elementary School each week. We would like new signage and more creative designs for our space. We want to make our KidsCare and KidsLife areas more inviting, as well as our worship and welcome areas more beautiful.

Live Stream System

UPDATE ($30,000)
In 2019, Restoration bought new cameras and streaming equipment, which proved vital for worship in 2020.

ORIGINAL ($25,000)
Our members would like to experience worship services online or live stream. For some, it is because they travel. For others, they would like to share Restoration with friends and family. Either way, a video camera and streaming tools would allow us to share Restoration with a larger community.