The Long Steady Walk

The Christian life is not a sprint to perfection but a long, steady walk with God. During the journey, we learn new habits and ways to engage with others. We come to enjoy patience, kindness, grace, love, justice and compassion. This series will help us discover how to walk with Jesus as our guide.

August 29 | The Practice of Growth | Proverbs 22:1-6
Serious hikers will tell you that preparation is essential for long, steady walks. There are critical practices that help us maintain our pace and stride. If you have felt distant from God or your faith, these practices will help you get going again.

September 5 | The Practice of Worship | Proverbs 2:1-11
We do not worship God because God requires it, but because worship brings out the very best of us. During worship, we encounter the God of righteousness, kindness, and compassion. The Book of Proverbs helps us understand how to find treasures in devotion to enrich our lives.

September 12 | The Practice of Inviting | Psalm 96:1-3 & Psalm 96:7-12
A good walk is often more fun when you take it with someone. Today’s scripture helps us learn how to live our faith in ways that become the answers others seek; and an invitation they have been hoping to receive.

September 19 | The Practice of Serving | Psalm 100
When we walk with our eyes open and our heads up, we see that there are people all around us who we can bless. Serving others is not a hard slog but a joyous and energizing experience once you know how to practice it.