In a culture that often sees everything in black and white, we constantly struggle with who’s in and out, who’s right and wrong. In the early church and through the stories from the Gospels, we see a different reality unfold. People from diverse backgrounds live into the power and fullness of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus and the early church teach us how to embrace the world and the people in a refreshingly powerful way.

May 15 | Embrace Discomfort | John 4:19-28
Sometimes, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Whether we find ourselves in a new environment, with an unfamiliar group of people, or in a new situation, Jesus shows us how to embrace discomfort to see the possibilities ahead.

May 22 | Embrace Curiosity | Acts 8:26-40
In the early church, we read about a eunuch from Ethiopia who sought to worship God at the temple in Jerusalem but was turned away. Having traveled so far to learn about and worship God, the Holy Spirit sent Philip to find the eunuch and teach him about Jesus. When we embrace curiosity, we find limitless opportunities to share Christ with the world.

May 29 | Embrace Empathy | John 8:1-11 
We all make mistakes; it is the nature of our lives. But sometimes, we take drastic measures to demonize those who make big mistakes and define them by their mistakes. When we do that, Jesus shows us that embracing empathy can create a path toward healing and reconciliation.

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