The vaccine is being distributed. Many people have more hope than they have had in some time and we’re almost ready for Re-Entry. The disciples had to figure out how to re-enter after the resurrection of Jesus. During this sermon series, we will look at the early disciples and what they did to re-enter well.

April 11 | Re-Enter with Jesus | Luke 24:28-35
As we re-enter, many of us are asking ourselves if we are ready. Maybe we have gotten a little rougher around the edges being home. Maybe we are still wearing our pajamas every day. How do we re-enter in a way that allows our Christian witness to be a part of the story? We ask Jesus to come with us, that is what the early disciples did. This week, we will explore how to spend time with Christ before we re-enter.

April 18 | Re-Enter with a Now Focus | Acts 1:1-8
A lot of things have been said over the last year. Some of those things have been painful; some relationships have suffered because of the space between us. Jesus does not call us as Christians to focus on “some day,” he calls us to focus on the now. How do we help the kingdom of God become more evident now as we re-enter? This week, we will talk about how we come back together with a focus on now.

April 25 | Re-Enter with Hope and Wonder | Acts 2:1-13
Things aren’t going to be the same as they were before. They certainly weren’t for the disciples, things had change, life was different. It was the Holy Spirit that helped them re-enter with hope and wonder. How do we re-enter with hope for a future filled with wonder? Join us this week, as we talk about ways to do that.

May 2 | Re-Enter with Community | Acts 2:43-47
One of the hardest things over the past year has been the loss of community as we had known it. We had to change how we did life together; community felt different. A part of the reason the early church was able to persevere was through the strength they found in community. This week, let’s talk about how we can find that strength and build on the lessons of this past year.