One of the most glorious messes is the living room on Christmas Day

Day 27

Christ is born! If we follow Him,we will never walk in darkness but have true light in life.

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Tonight! Christmas Even Online 5pm & 9pm on Facebook, YouTube and streaming on our website

Day 26

Join us and invite others to join us for our Christmas Eve service.

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Thank you

Day 25

Show love for your service workers by giving a thank you letter or small gift.

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You are loved on a sticky note

Day 24

Use sticky notes to place affirmations in surprising spots for others to discover.

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Family picture with Santa

Day 23

Reflect on what Christmas means to you. How can you keep this joy alive all year?

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The Christmas season is a defiant stand of hope, love , peach & joy in a world that wants us to believe all is lost.

Day 22

Light a candle and say a prayer of joy and adulation for Jesus Christ.

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Cookie kits for Shelter

Day 21

Cook with love. Make a special meal for yourself or with others and be in the moment.

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What's your favorite Christmas carol?

Day 20

Listen to your favorite Christmas Carols. Sing and dance along with others.

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Winter is here. SLHS Food Pantry needs your help. Gather food and supplies to continue the spirit of giving.

Day 19

Gather food and supplies to donate to the South Lakes High School Food Pantry.

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Team gift wrap or gift bag?

Day 18

Say something nice to a retail or food service worker.

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